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Ozone Water Purifiers: Not A Gimmick!

Water has always been essential to life, but water purification has been equally important for a healthy life. Over the years, innovation has given rise to several ways of purifying water: from simply boiling, distillation, and chlorination, to iodization, solar disinfection, and desalination. With advancements in the research and technology available to us, few purification methods strike the balance between efficiency and cost effectiveness, leading to their widespread use.

Two of the most common water purification methods are reverse osmosis (RO), and ultraviolet light (UV) based water purification, touted to be the best in the business. But upon inspection, even the combination of RO and UV isn’t particularly practical for everyday home use.


Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis systems are inherently bulky, and offer very little portability. The RO systems that are often marked “Portable” require additional equipment, such as a separate generator that pumps water supply to the system, and while they do offer a generally dependable level of filtration, they do not eliminate bacteria from the water.

Additionally, the health safety RO systems offer directly affects the amount of water wasted in the process. Traditional RO systems waste anywhere between four and twenty times the amount of drinking water they generate (some systems even flush it back into the water pipeline, thereby supplying more impure than pure water into households), which when coupled with the fact that their daily output is limited, doesn’t make for a very practical choice.

RO systems also have several factors that can become a health hazard. The filters need to be changed constantly (up to 10 filters a year), system membranes need to be inspected regularly (to prevent organic fouling or accidental damage), an additional chlorine removal system and a UV system need to be installed, and the pipelines carrying the water need to be regularly cleaned and disinfected to make the system completely safe for use. But even if you do follow all of the above, an RO system is relatively much slower than other filtration systems and eventually provides rather “flat” tasting water.

Ultraviolet Light

The biggest drawback UV light has is that it cannot be used as a standalone system and needs another filtration device to supplement it. Specifically in cases where the inlet supplies contaminated or turbid water, the products themselves recommend a 5-micron filter at the very least. Apart from that, it does not completely eliminate harmful bacteria from the water either. Bacteria immune to UV (such as E. coli) or even hidden or UV shaded bacteria can escape purification and make their way into your home.


Ozonation systems (such as Veripure), are the best method of bacteria elimination available to us right now, even getting rid of salmonella and E. coli. Not only do they offer an instant output of 0.5 to 1.5 gallons of pure, safe water per minute, they also generate zero waste, with 100% of all water filtered purified for consumption. Ozonation is extremely portable in comparison as well, weighing just 9 lbs, with extremely high compatibility in terms of its power source. In its life cycle, a Veripure product supplies anywhere from 1,250 to 15,000 gallons of at-source purified water before a filter replacement is due. Coupled with its low energy consumption (~30W) and a fresh tasting end product, it makes for possibly the best choice for water safety for residential use.

Are you looking for water purification and filtration solutions to protect your home and family from harmful water and foodborne pathogens? Look no further. Veripure’s solutions are time-tested, dependable, and industry leading in every aspect. We are perennially focused on the safety and hygiene of our customers, changing how you think about water. Explore our products right away, or talk to us now to explore solutions.

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Ozone Water Purifiers: Not A Gimmick!
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