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With Veripure, You Can’t Go Wrong: Here’s Why Our Customers Love Us!

When we started building Veripure, our idea was clear: to make medical grade water accessible to every household. Over time, we have had customers come back and purchase multiple Veripure filtration systems for their homes, recommend it to their friends and family members, and leave stellar reviews for our products. So what makes our customers happy? It all comes down to four major factors:

1. Have a few conversation starters in mind

With Veripure, you don’t just get drinking water. You can install it in your bathroom and ensure dental hygiene. You can use it for your kitchen garden and grow nutritious produce that stays fresh for longer periods of time. You can bathe your pets with Veripure treated water or wash your groceries to eliminate bacteria. You can also sanitize common surfaces (such as countertops, doorknobs, lightswitches, digital devices, faucet handles, etc.) to keep you and your family safe from harmful disease carrying microbes, which will always be our priority.

2. Minimal Running Cost

Thanks to our patented ozonation technology, there is essentially close to zero running cost. Unlike other purification devices that often need additional parts for installation and successful operation, Veripure doesn’t require any additional equipment. The energy consumption is also just 30W. Most of our competitors also build bulky products that are hard to move from one place to another, but since all Veripure devices are extremely lightweight and portable, there are no hidden maintenance costs either!

3. Zero Wastage

According to the EPA’s website, on an average, we use 82 gallons of water per day per person. Using a water purifier with high wastage percentage (such as RO water purifiers that yield as low as 5% of the water input after purification) can contribute significantly towards your water bill. However, with Veripure for every gallon of water you feed into the water purifier, you get a gallon of safe water (that also tastes good!)

4. Almost No Maintenance

Filters of Veripure water filtration devices have a usage cycle of up to 15,000 gallons before requiring replacement, and the replacement requires minimal effort, too. Also, since all our filtration solutions are point-of-use, you can basically forget about your Veripure device once you purchase and install it.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for the best possible water purifier available on the market right now, you’re at the perfect place. Get your Veripure and join our ever growing community of satisfied, healthy customers right away!

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