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Pure Drinking Water

The quality of water you drink can vary significantly depending on where you live. The source from which the water is drawn and the treatment it receives on its way to your faucet are just two of the factors that affect water quality. With VeriPure, you can rest assured that every glass of water you drink is absolutely safe, and completely free of bacteria and cyst.

Home Sanitation

Home is where we feel safest. Rinsing items using a VeriPure water filtration system can help sanitize common surfaces such as baby pacifiers, toys, and bottles by minimizing the presence of harmful bacteria without any chemical use and leaving no footprint behind. VeriPure-treated water can also disinfect cutting surfaces, utensils, sponges, laundry, CPAP masks, toothbrushes, mouth guards, retainers, dentures, asthma nebulizers… The list is endless!

Produce Sanitation

The vegetables you eat travel an average of 1500 miles before reaching your table. Washing produce and vegetables with VeriPure’s water filtration system reduces harmful bacteria and foodborne microorganisms, preventing e. coli and salmonella from infecting your food.

Poultry/Meat Sanitation

Most foodborne illness outbreaks make their way to your home thanks to improper handling or cross-contamination while cooking. Rinsing the poultry and meat you buy, and washing your kitchen’s cutting surfaces with VeriPure-treated water completely eliminates the threat of foodborne microorganisms.

Hand Sanitation

Hand sanitation is simple, effective and yet often ignored. With VeriPure’s water filtration solutions, you can keep your home and your family safe and clean with zero risk of viral infections and illnesses.

Indoor Agriculture/Green House

Produce from your own kitchen garden can sometimes be unhealthy, thanks to viruses, bacteria and fungi that can infect the fruits and vegetables you grow. Using VeriPure treated water to nourish your plants and clean your produce keeps diseases at bay while also washing away any chemicals they might be subject to.


Most healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) are preventable, and you can take the first step with VeriPure’s water filtration systems. Prevent harmful infections and illnesses by washing your hands, medical devices, and instruments with Ozone-powered water. Several medical institutions use VeriPure as a final rinse in ultrasonic washer-disinfectors for washing surgical instruments.