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Commercial High Flow/ Custom Application

Operating Pressure Range: 50-125 psi

Filter Capacity: 5000 Gallons


Flow Rate :
Variable 1GPM – 2GPM, Higher flow available per application
Operating Pressure Range :
50-125 psi
Filter Capacity :
5000 Gallons
Carbon :
.5 micron Lead, Cyst, VOC’s, chlorine taste and odor.
Sediment :
5 Micron Sediment, dirt and rust.
Led Overlay :
Notifies user at time to change filter/unit standby/ unit on/ unit fault
System Dimensions :
Compact 16.25″L x 6″W x 18.5″T Primary Application: Commercial/ Special application
Installation :
Wall Mount/ Custom Application. POU must be approved by VeriPure for use with the VPC7000. Installation instructions and hardware included
Electrical Requirement :
120v (plug w/ac adapter included)
Warranty :
1 year
Certification :
Certification in process by Water Quality Association to meet NSF/ANSI Standard 42&53
Purpose :
Generates Ozone then dissolved into pre-filtered water flow to POU for sanitation use/ pure drinking water
General Uses :
Water Purification, Surface Sanitation
Water Waste :

The VeriPure Difference

VeriPure Water Filtration Systems not only filter your water but also create Ozone (O3) through a process called Corona Discharge. VeriPure then utilizes Ozone in its aqueous phase dissolved into filtered water in a compact Point of Use design easily installed anywhere a sink and faucet are present giving you purified water with zero waste.

VeriPure Changing The Way You Think About Water


Microorganism reduction

Advanced Ozone Technology

Corona Discharge

Made in the U.S.A

All VeriPure products are proudly assembled in Green Bay, Wi