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Commercial Model

Restaurant, Commercial Kitchen, Deli/Produce departments

Water Purification, Surface Sanitation

No Water Waste

Filter Capacity: 1250 Gallons

Warranty : 1 year


Flow Rate :
.5 GPM
System Dimensions :
Compact 11.5"L x 6"W x 6.75"T
Operating Pressure Range :
50-125 psi
Primary Application :
Restaurant, Commercial Kitchen, Deli/ Produce departments
Filter Capacity :
1250 Gallons
Installation :
Wall Mount/ Counter Top w/ 2 way diverter valve (included). Installation instructions and hardware included
Warranty :
1 Year
Sediment Filter :
Sediment: Reduces sediment, dirt, and rust
Carbon Filter :
1 Micron Carbon: Reduces lead, cyst, VOC’s, chlorine, taste, and odor
Electrical Requirement :
120v (plug w/ac adapter included)
LED Overlay :
Notifies user at time to change filter/unit standby/unit on/ unit fault
Certifications :
Certified by Water Quality Association to meet INSF/ANSI Standard 42 & 53
Purpose :
Generates Ozone then dissolved into pre-filtered water flow to POU for sanitation use/ pure drinking water
General Uses :
Water Purification, Surface Sanitation
Water Waste :

The VeriPure Difference

VeriPure Water Filtration Systems not only filter your water but also create Ozone (O3) through a process called Corona Discharge. VeriPure then utilizes Ozone in its aqueous phase dissolved into filtered water in a compact Point of Use design easily installed anywhere a sink and faucet are present giving you purified water with zero waste.

VeriPure Changing The Way You Think About Water




Microorganism reduction

Advanced Ozone Technology


Corona Discharge

Made in the U.S.A

All VeriPure products are proudly assembled in Green Bay, Wi

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
John J.
Excellent Product

I use the ozonated water from Veripure to clean the fish from my fishing trip before freezing. I have noticed that the fish stays fresher for a longer time.

Jay Luck
No Water Wastage, Worth every Penny

Recommending Veripure to others is the only thing easier than installing and using it. When I came across the VPC5000, there was no question or comparison required, and I can safely say that I made the perfect choice.

Keeps my family safe

Veripure inspires confidence in my household. I always wash all my groceries with Veripure treated water knowing that my family will be safe from any and every microbial infection. Easily the best investment I've made!

Say bye to health concerns!

I’ve sanitized my entire house with ozonated water from Veripure. From doorknobs to my sink, and from the cutlery to even my keys! Veripure safeguards my home and helps me sleep peacefully.

Mr Angisetty
Very, very pure!

I underestimated how good Veripure can be. Minimal power consumption and minimal maintenance, but maximum safety and performance! The VPC5000 has been a game changer.

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