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Commercial Water Filtration Solutions

VeriPure offers water filtration solutions for restaurant kitchens, school cafeterias, grocery stores and more. Using a VeriPure may help reduce and diminish harmful contaminants that may be found in your tap water.

What sets VeriPure apart from other systems on the market is the addition of ozone that is introduced into the water flow giving you further disinfection capabilities.



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Water FIlter/Commercial Model

Restaurant, Commercial Kitchen, Deli/Produce departments

Water Purification, Surface Sanitation

No Water Waste

Filter Capacity : 1250 Gallons

Warranty : 1 year

USD $1,699.99



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Commercial High Flow/ Custom Application

Operating Pressure Range : 50-125 psi

Filter Capacity : 5000 Gallons

USD $2,499.99

VeriPure at Home